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By Jonathon Palmieri, Consultant, Insurance Practice

Do you make 100s of calls a week to industry professionals? Do you go on 5+ interviews a week? Do you stay up late at night staying current on job market trends and insurance industry forecasts?… Welcome to my LIFE. If you have ever dealt with a good recruiter, you probably know that we pretty much eat, live and breathe employment and career counseling. I get it though, sometimes it can be an unsettling idea to place a responsibility such as your career or your company’s success in the hands of a “headhunter”. What if they try to pull one over you?

Let me quiet any fears you may have by asking you “WHY?”… Why would a good (operative word is ‘good’) recruiter want to take advantage of their clients or candidates? Why would we, after having invested countless hours building relationships, time developing candidate and client prospects, and even more time researching and developing strategies, throw that all away?!

Actually, I know why you might have reservations: 1) The stigma recruiters or “headhunters” may sometimes have. 2) The mental scars caused by past bad experiences.

Here are some ways you should “qualify” your recruiter, and use our skills to your advantage:

Qualify, Qualify!
If you have qualified your recruiter (and I highly suggest you do your due diligence), you should know all about their recruiting processes, history, and company. Check out their LinkedIn profile, online presence and company. But also talk to them and ask lots of questions. Who are their recruiting clients? How long have they worked with them? What steps in their recruiting process do they take before sending your resume to a potential employer?

Utilize Our Most Powerful Skills
Embrace recruiters’ ‘salesy’ attitude, because we are using those same strong-pitched negotiation tactics on your behalf. We are wielding our sales skills to showcase our candidates’ backgrounds and value-add, using them to sell your company’s brand and story to potential candidates. We also apply these skills to manage the interview process and close the deal. But you already know that, right?…because you have qualified your recruiter!

Partner with Us
Accept the fact that we are experts when it comes to matching employee talent with great job employers and, dare I say, are better at this than you or your HR team. So go ahead, ask us for the salary ranges in your industry (I bet you’ll never get another employment offer turned down again!) Ask us for our strategy, script, and selling points. But most of all, know that your recruiter WANTS to help you find the right candidate/job just as much as you do!

My time is money, and your time is money…let’s not waste any of it by working against each other!


P.S. Connect with me, and I’ll show you how to qualify YOUR recruiter!

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