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By Jonathon Palmieri- Recruiting Consultant, Insurance

Last Memorial Day weekend, about 20 of my closest friends and I headed up to Maine for a long “guys” weekend. During a heated game of volleyball, I posted my legs and leaped for the ball… and POP! My knee gave out…“What’s a little bum knee?”  Considering the financial and time commitment that treatment involved, I decided to hold off on doing anything about it. Then sure enough it gave out again, and I was barely able to walk. An MRI determined I had torn my ACL and Meniscus for the second time, and that I needed surgery ASAP.  This because a huge problem with my job, the money and time alone was enough to make a big impact in my life.

I had a lot of down time while recuperating from the surgery. [Fortunately my company has been awesome with picking up my slack during my physical therapy, doctor appointments, and even while I was bedridden]… Maybe it was the cabin fever or painkillers talking, or the numerous insurance articles I read to pass the time, but I started thinking about the parallels between my injury and some of my candidates’ careers. Here are a few:

Ignoring the Symptoms:

Take a major insurance carrier that I deal with (which shall remain nameless…)They are currently experiencing layoffs and restructuring to position themselves in the market. Yet, a large number of their employees are NOT being proactive in the job market. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, as Insurance Professionals are known to be risk averse both in their employment and their lives outside of work, but I truly believe that they are looking at the wrong risk exposure!


On the surface, just like my injury, everyone knows when something is wrong in their jobs / careers, and that something needs to be done. If you are working at a company like the one I mentioned above, then it should be clear that something is not right. You may try to convince yourself that your position or team is safe-but even if that is the case, your job is still affected. Perhaps new management, red tape, offices relocating, outsourcing, bonus cuts, lack of promotions, or less personnel with the same amount (or more) of workload. All of which can make your job the “worst job in the world”.

Inconvenience Now, Rewards Later:

Paraphrasing my doctor’s plea to take action and get the surgery:This knee will support you throughout your life. 20 years from now it shouldn’t limit your life. So, wouldn’t you agree that a year of slight inconvenience is worth that? ” How profound! A little inconvenience for a better quality of life over the long haul … Better to be open to the job market and inconvenience yourself a bit now by updating  your resume; having a couple of conversations with a recruiter; giving yourself options to position yourself in a better life and career trajectory…

Admittedly, like my knee, you can get by. Unlike my knee, things COULD potentially get better for you. But if something is currently broken or not functioning properly, wouldn’t you like to know your options to get stronger and better, quicker? … Get in touch with me, and I can help you identify your career, or employment ailments, develop a better career direction, and give you job options-instead of worries.

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